Julia Haston
Secretary PWN Nice Cote d'Azur

Combining good facilitation skills with an ability to bridge the gap between different business cultures and communities, Julia has led many global projects bringing together two or more organizations following a merger, joint venture or internal reorganization. Other projects include helping different players within client relationship management and the extended supply chain to develop win-win relationships and ways of working that optimize business benefits for all. Starting with a shared vision, values and culture, she helps key stakeholders to define the principles and benefits of the future organization, business processes and ways of working. Effective communication to all involved is a key element of all this. Mentoring ‘on the job’ is a key aspect of her style. She acts a sounding board for senior business leaders and program directors, and as a Business Angel she enjoys helping start-ups prepare their pitch and business plan and subsequently develop their business. Now nearing the end of her career she is becoming more involved with charities and in particular, supporting ‘on the ground’ projects helping women in Nepal. She has been a key member of the board PWN Nice Côte d’Azur Professional Women’s Network for 7 years, focused on helping women develop their careers and businesses in a sustainable and balanced way. After 4 years as an advisor to the board, she has taken on the role of Secretary for the first time. In that role aims to redevelop best practices for the board by acting as a change agent and project coordinator.

Email : secretary@pwnnice.net or julia.haston@pwnnice.net