Amanda Noz
CO-PRESIDENT / VP Partnerships

I am motivated to meet, connect with and help professional women in my local area. Since my background is corporate, it fits to take on a role which is business facing. I am also experienced in the areas of brand, culture, diversity and inclusion and I am interested in working with companies and helping them in this area. There is a strong positive link between business growth and diversity and inclusion and I believe that PWN can help local companies evolve in this way.

Obvious targets include: Corporates, Business Associations, Business Schools, Co-working spaces, Government Organizations (local - Mairies? Unemployment Office?)
What do (or can) we offer and what do they want? Why should they care? What is the pitch? What is the cost to them? What packages do we offer? (Gold, Silver, Bronze) Where do we communicate this? (Email on demand, website, PowerPoint, Social...) Etc.