Lala Laprun

Lala has worked as a consultant in change management during 20 yeas, by missions which gave her the opportunity to work for more than 26 firms in 17 sectors of activity in Europe.

Then she has the opportunity to work as COO for a start-up in the Future of Work where she took in charge fundraising digital marketing and brand communication. 

Today she is the founder of Lala Connections, to develop trust in brands through social media and she just joined Creactive 06, a business incubator.

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From her early years, working in an industrial environment, lacking of feminine role models had been very often struggling. 

As a member of PWN Nice Côte-d’Azur since 2917, she always enjoyed and benefited from all the people she met during the events or the webinars she participated in. She can see the impact this global organization can bring to young women; as it is a unique place to learn and expand one's knowledge and build connections with other professionals and businesses in the area. This why I proud to join the board of wonderful women as VP in charge of Business Partnerships.