Gillian Attard

Gillian ATTARD is currently a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) at Amadeus. Her main role revolves around connecting people, orchestrating projects for her business partners and supporting her internal customers navigate the organisation. Her clients are all the 4 internal customer services departments in Amadeus. The BRM role in Amadeus is critical to ensure that the different business units can achieve their strategic goals. Before joining Amadeus more than 10 years ago, Gillian worked in the telecommunications industry in Austria. Gillian's background is Computer Science. She also completed an MBA in 2008.

Gillian discovered the PWN in early 2020. During this particular year, Gillian found a lot of personal development support via the network and decided to take up the VP Membership position. As an IT Executive and a mum, with a passion for relationships she believes she can fulfil this role and support PWN to keep and attract new members and continue making the PWN Nice Cote d’Azur the number 1 Professional Women’s Network on the Riviera.