PWN Nice Round table Lunch - Why should you ‘pause’ now rather than later?

20 November 2023 12:00 CET - 14:00 CET Balm / Crowne Plaza

Too many among us today still forget ourselves, unaware of our worth, programmed to serve, carrying on the transgenerational family heritage;  

So how about we extract ourselves from our daily whirlpool routines and join this discussion around what it takes for us to realize what we need to ‘be more content’ and what we truly want out of life?  

As we struggle alone, unaware of our potential, we forget to ask for help and prevent others to contribute, support and value us.  

Coralie Roederer Stevanazzi is a Transformation Director, negotiator, fixer, shaper, shaker with a high EI.
She made a radical life change in 2022 to start her own business leading two very different activities; one as an Independent consultant, to advise and enable leaders and their companies to successfully undergo major changes, strategic growth and/or transformation, the other as a past life regression therapist, energy worker & Reiki master.   
She offers to share her experience of what it took for her to finally reconnect with her true ‘essential self’ and her advice on why we should avoid wasting what is most precious to all: time.
Coralie, who feels she lost too many years questioning herself, truly believes we deserve to make the most of what we have today.

It all starts with asking ourselves simple basic questions...

We look forward to meeting you!

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Balm / Crowne Plaza
Grand Arenas,
2 Rue Costes et Bellonte,
06200 Nice
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