French & Romanian female business leaders join forces to advance Gender-Balanced Leadership with global network

15 July 2021 Language : English

PWN Global, the leading global organization of female professionals advancing gender-balanced leadership across business and society has elected Co-Presidents Nadine Castellani of Lyon and Virginia Otel of Bucharest to lead the network in its crucial post-pandemic journey ahead.   


This international duo has been elected by their fellow City Network presidents to lead the Board of PWN Global as Co-Presidents for an initial term of two years. Both newly elected women have a proven track record in advocating for gender balance throughout their respective careers, Nadine, leading in the telecom sector, and Virginia, a Forbes Romania award winner, from the finance sector.  

PWN Global states that gender-balanced leadership is no longer simply the ‘right’ thing to do – major research projects have shown, time and time again, that it’s the profitable thing to do. Diversity and Inclusion policies are gaining traction in the business world while a culture of gender balance has become a hugely important emerging regulated aspect of this workplace environment. Forward-thinking companies and professionals know that putting balanced leadership at the heart of their business strategies will lead to sustainable growth and profit.  

Co-President Virginia Otel is a leading senior executive with Garanti BBVA Group in Romania. Outside her business role, she has been a strong contributor to several NGOs in her native country, also advocating for the progression of the business community’s inclusion and diversity approach as well as for women on boards development agendas. Among other areas, Virginia is a regular contributor to national and global panel discussions on the themes of progressing female talent and balanced leadership. She is fully committed to influencing thought leadership in all of these important areas.  

“I am honored to take on this mission, in such challenging time for leadership, a time in which balance and resilience prove paramount, in all aspects of society and life. PWN is a network that has been inspiring women across the world to be more assertive, to advance in leadership, and to drive change in their businesses and communities. I have been privileged to be part of PWN for the past 10 years and serve PWN Romania, in my capacity of President, for the last 5 years. I look forward to sharing my experience and work enthusiastically alongside Nadine in the years to come to make a difference for our PWN Global community and contribute to the acceleration of gender-balanced leadership in businesses and society.”, Virginia Otel.  

Co-President Nadine Castellani-Floderer is a Director for Strategic Communications for innovation and startup with Orange in France. As a senior communications executive, she has managed communications across large territories, after which she created the #FemmesEntrepreneuses program for Orange, in France. At the same time, she locally advocates and contributes to the business community by helping to create inclusive cultures that attract, retain and involve women while considerably improving the performance of the company. Nadine has contributed and moderated numerous conferences and business events in Lyon that have placed gender-balanced leadership at the top of the agenda.  

“I am happy to share with Virginia and PWN members around the world, our great ambition for our global network. All of our strengths are needed to support women, businesses and society as a whole to make further progress towards greater equality between women and men in leadership. I have had the honour of being PWN Lyon President before this role. I look forward to making an impact through putting gender balanced-leadership at the heart of everything”, Nadine Castellani- Floderer.  


The other newly elected board members include Daria Copotorto (PWN Rome) as General Secretary, Amie Louie (PWN Milan) as VP Fundraising and Fernanda Gomes (PWN Lisbon) as Treasurer, all of whom are distinguished women senior executives who have shown substantial support and advocacy over their careers to date.  

PWN Global is a global network and federation of PWN city networks across more than 30 cities worldwide, with over 3,500 members representing 90 nationalities and a community of 30,000+. PWN global also collaborates in UN Women and various other programmes advancing equality, diversity, and balanced leadership. PWN Global exists to advance gender-balanced leadership. We believe that better decision-making, economic sustainability, and a happier society will be realized only by leveraging 100% of the world’s talent. 

Our 'For Purpose’ volunteer association is creating a movement of professional business people and leaders who aspire to accelerate the current pace of change. 

Members of PWN Global include women and men, corporate partners, collaborative institutions, academic establishments, other networks, forums, and supporters of gender-balanced leadership. Our COMMUNITY courageously speaks up and proudly puts our values into practice in our own organizations. 

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