PWN Global VEP 2021: Module 7 - Digital Marketing

10 December 2021 14:00 CET - 16:00 CET ZOOM WEBINAR


Access to a market and potential customers is one of the key pillars of any business.

One of the big mistakes that many entrepreneurs make is their belief that once the product / service has been launched, customers will come from themselves. This rarely happens if not impossible.
Entrepreneurs need to properly communicate and promote their brand, product or service to potential customers. Digital platforms (like social media apps) and search engines (like Google) have made it easier to access your customers wherever they are. Which means virtually unlimited potential to scale your business There is a catch though… A good portion of entrepreneurs don’t really know how to use those platforms and tools, misuse them and don’t know how to make them work effectively to reach their business goals.

During the VEP Module 7 of Digital Marketing led by Francois Essomba you will find the practical and most efficient ways through the “jungles” of social media to be able properly translate your business solutions and goals into digital marketing assets.

Join the live webinar with François on the 10th of December 2021 and learn:
•    The most effective ways and Media Channels for communication with your potential customers based on their personas, business models and other factors.
•    What type of advertisement to choose: Organic vs. Paid?
•    How to create relevant and engaging content for different platforms and media channels.
•    The most important marketing KPIs that will help you to access whether you do right things or not.

***This session is also part of a trio of modules that we recommend are taken together for maximum impact on your business. To book the trio, please go to the Trio booking page***

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  • Mr Francois G. Essomba
    Founder Client, Je T'aime! VIEW PROFILE

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